2013/2014 YABATECH Acceptance Fee Payment Details: A Step By Step Guide

The YABATECH 2013/2014 Acceptance Fee Payment for the newly admitted ND students has begun in earnest after the release of the Admission List by the school management for the 2013/2014 academic session.
For the benefit of the students that have been asking of how to pay the Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH) acceptance fee for 2013/2014 and how much is the 2013/2014 YABATECH Acceptance fee, we have broken down the payment procedure for all and sundry for ease in payment.

HOW TO PAY FOR 2013/2014 YABATECH ACCEPTANCE FEE 1. Log in to the school website via http://www.yabatech.edu.ng
2. Click on “Acceptance fee”
3. Enter your UME/Application
Number.copied from www.scholarsvision.com
4. Hit the ”Applicant Login” button.copied from www.scholarsvision.com
5. Click on “Make payment”
6. Enter your ATM Card details
(Either MasterCard or VisaCard is accepted) and your Secure Code (please note that your
secure code can only be obtained from your Bank)
7. Wait for 24 hours Then re-login
to continue
8. Print Payment history
9. Update your Biodata and Print it.

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